Saint Martin Island Tour – BD | Location, Hotel, Food, Place.


Saint Martin Island Tour-BD, Location, Hotel, Food, Place

Saint Martin’s Islands, the only Coral Island of Bangladesh. The local inhabitants call this little island “NarikelZinjira” meaning coconut island in their own language because of the abundant coconut growing here. It is one of the most super stunning Islands in Bangladesh. Another name of this island is Marine Paradise. Other Organic resources, the alluring beauty of Saint Martin Island and the hospitality of the local people attract the tourist. Charming landscapes, crystal seawater. Coral Colony, a unique favorable atmosphere and the roar of dazzling Sea waves are the main attraction of millions of visitors. I have composed this post for those who will plan to visit Saint Martin Islands for upcoming days. I sure this post will provide you complete guidelines and information about Saint Martin Islands.

Geographical Description:

Saint Martin’s Island is located in the SouthEast part of Bangladesh, the NorthEast of the Bay of Bengal, about 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsular tip and forming the Southernmost part of Bangladesh. It is only 8 km West of the Northwest coast of Myanmar at the mouth of the river Naf. The island stands between 92°18′ and 92°21’E longitudes and 20°34′ and 20°39’N latitudes. The island is almost flat and is 3.6m above the sea level.. The channel which is 9.66 km wide between the mainland and the island is much shallower than the open sea southwest of the island. In the West-North part of the Island, there are reefs from 10-15 km.

The island is 7.315 km long and is regulated by NNW and SSE. Geologically, it is divided into three parts. The Northern part is locally called Narikel Jinjira or Uttarpara, which is 2,134m long and 1,402m wide. The Southern part is locally known as Dakshinpara and it is 1,929m long, with a narrow tail of 1,890m towards the southeast, and a maximum width of 975m. A confined central belt or Maddhyapara connects the two parts. The belt length and the width are about 1,524m and 518m mutually and the narrowest collar is known as Golachipa. Without the main island, a number of tiny islets grazing from 100 to 500 sq m which are locally known as Chheradia or Siradia which means separated island.

History of Saint Martin Island:

The real history of Saint Martin’s Island hasn’t found. The local people and some other historians told that it is discovered but nobody was clear when and who explore this island first. In their opinion, the island used to belong to Myanmar. After getting independence from Britain, the island got added to India. Perhaps 250 years ago, first Arabian sailors settled down on this island and named it Zafira. During the British period, the island was named after the then Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong Mr. Martin as St. Martin Island. The native name of the island is “Narikel jinjira” which means ‘Coconut Island’ in Bengali, and “Daruchini Dwip” which means “Cinnamon island” in Bengali.

Map of Saint Martin Island:

The weather of Saint Martin’s Island:

The weather forecast is a must know before visiting the island. The weather of this island is influenced by the subtropical monsoonal climate. High temperatures and high humidity are the common characteristics of this island. The appropriate weather is mostly between November and February and it is a suitable tourist season. From March to July, cyclones can strike. The island was demolished by a cyclone in 1991 but has cent percent recovered, and was untouched by the 2004 tsunami. Torrential rains have seen from June to September. During the rainy season, it is risky to visit there due to rough sea waves. So, from March to July is the off-season for tourists.

So, If you are planning to visit Saint Martin’s Island, November to March will be the best time. At this period, calm and pleasant weather belongs there.

Peoples of Saint Martin Island:

Most of the people of Saint Martin are living below the poverty line. More than 60% of the population of this area are fishermen. They are not well educated. But they are very much hospitable. They have a strong emotion about their religion. Young children in this area manage their living by selling sea resources coral, rocks, starfishes, etc.

Saint Martin Tour:

All the Saint Martin’s Island is a tremendous resource for tourists. Charania (An area name of Saint Martin’s Island), Coral Reef, transparent water, rocks Floras, and Faunas are great attractions for tourists. A beautiful Sunset and Sunrise surely delight your mind. There are so many natural possessions as well as the lifestyle of local fishermen, the way of preparing a boat before fishing enhances your experiences about the beauty of nature.

How to go Saint-Martin:

Saint Martin island is the most attractive tourist spot for local and foreign tourists. The people of the board & abroad want to know many things about traveling Saint Martin Island, which is difficult to find. Here I give some tips on how to go Saint Martin easily.

Bus Service:

 You can go to the St. Martin Island from Dhaka, Chittagong, or Cox’s Bazar. First, you will come to Teknaf. There are many bus services to Teknaf – Eagle, Modern Line, S. Alam, Shyamoli,  St. Martin and Hanif Paribahan from Saydabad & Fakirapul bus station. At the bus station, you can get some Microw Buses that go from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf.

  • Eagle Bus Service: +88-01713-145584, +88-01190-124127
  • St. Martin Service: +880-1732-406352, +88-01711-321143

Bus Fare from Dhaka:

  • A/C bus – 1,100 Tk,
  • on-A/C bus – 560 Tk.


There are a number of airlines that fly to this route Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar on a regular base. From the airport of Cox’s Bazaar, various types of local services are accessible. A group of Flight Expert helps you to find the cheapest flights to Cox’s Bazar from hundreds of airlines including-

Regent Airways.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • NovoAir
  • US-Bangla Airlines.


Every day Ships, Sea trucks, and Shallow engine boats go to St. Martin Island and Teknaf. Among these, sea trucks are the secure and the most enjoyable The fare of these trucks is 550 Tk. in the economy class with a return ticket. It takes time to reach about 3 hours. Carie Sindbad is the most comfortable and the fastest among these trucks.  Every morning Sea trucks leave Teknafat at 9.00 am and return from St. Martin island on that day at 3.00 pm.

You can book ticket advance:

  • +88-02-8125881
  • +88-02-8156296
  • +88-02-8156297
  • +88-01817-210427

Top Hotels near Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin is a tinny spot. So the number of hotels is less in comparison with Cox’s Bazar or Other Tourist spots in the World. Luckily different personal and organization projects running there. The government also puts emphasis to facilitate the tourists there.

Here I have written the Top Hotels name Near Saint Martin Island

CTB Resorts Saint Martin

This luxurious resort is in West Beach of Saint Martin Bangladesh. You can go easily view the natural beauty of Beach as well as Coconut Tree from every room of the hotels. The resort is a two-storied building and it provides different facilities for the travelers of there. Easy Accessibility of Jetty and 16 different types of rooms are available there.

Blue Marine Resort, Saint Martin

Blue Marine Resort is one of the best hotels and resorts in Saint Martin Islands. The beauty of Ocean, Fishing Facilities, Balcony make it exceptional from other resorts. There is only one Bazaar which is near to this Hotel. There are 32 Guest rooms and Suits for the Tourists. It provides 24 hours of Room Services, Restaurant, Parking, Laundry Facilities. The front side is decorated with coral stones and a small canal is there behind the hotel.

Hotel Prince Heaven St. Martin

It is in the Delpara of St. Martin Island Bangladesh. Sea Beach is started from the hotel. All the rooms are facilitated with a beach view. There are 24 different types of Rooms there. Two This Hotel is managed by the “Pristine Security service ltd.”

Randeep Resort Saint Martin Island

It is best for family tours and groups of people. The price range is not unreasonable. It’s beautifully decorated rooms and balcony with Bamboo and tent will your journey awesome.

Semana Pereye Resort St. Martin’s Island

In Saint Martin, Shemana Pereye Resort is one of the best Eco resort. Walking Distance from the Jetty. Stay here and enjoy your tour peacefully.

Saint Martin Hotel Price

Here it has a variety of hotels and resorts. So, the price may vary from pick season and off pick season. Here is the possible range of all hotels price

  • CTB Resorts: 1800 BDT – 2500 BDT
  • Blue Marine Resorts: 2200 – 3500 BDT
  • Hotel Prince Heaven: 2 Bed 3000,
  • 3 Bed 3300
  • Semana Pereye Resort: 1500 BDT – 3000 BDT
  • Randeep Resort : 1500 BDT – 3500 BDT (Delux)

Attractions at Saint Martin Island are:

  • Beautiful view of Sunrise & Sunset.
  • Engine Boat or Speed Boat Tour around Island.
  • Walking Through the Island.
  • Having local food in roadside restaurants.
  • Scuba Diving.
  • Sandy Beach activities.
  • Exploring Coral.
  • Peaceful Moonlit Night.
  • Dinner at the local restaurant.

Special Attractions of Saint Martin Island:

Fish and fisheries:

Large numbers of sharks have been captured from the south-western part of this island, mainly from November to May. Preliminary studies have been shown that seaweed (Caulerpa grapelike and Hypnea spp.) culture is also probable at Saint Martin’s Island.

Fish drying:

A huge number of marine fish species, harvested from island abutting waters, are being sun-dried here on this island. Generally, these fishes are dried on the rack

The Best 7 Things To Do in Saint Martin Island

Natural Images of Saint Martin Island Bangladesh

Set yourself free from stress and routines and keep yourself included travel and unwind. Finishes with coconut palms, crystal clear water, and wide hearted locals, there’s nothing else to do but enjoy St. Martin Island’s clear beaches and getting a nice tan. Though it’s a tropical place, mosquitoes wouldn’t be a problem. Here I have written some suggestions on how to best spend your days and live worry-free in St. Martin Island, Bangladesh:

  • The island is not more than 8 km² which makes it possible to explore the whole island in a day by foot. Never forget to bring some sunscreen, water and especially a pair of sandals because you might not be able to resist wading through the water. It will take you maximum1.5-2 hours walking the length of the island. It will be an exhilarating stroll and a great way of losing some fat too.
  • Here are no motor vehicles that round the island, not even a motorcycle. This is the Image of a pollution-free. Another way to see the island by walking or flatbed cycle-rickshaw (popularly known as a van). These are great for those who cannot walk long distances. The drivers are courteous and polite. But make sure to fix a price for the ride before getting in.
  • A boat ride to Chera Dwip is a must-do! You can either hire a speed boat or a local fishing boat that will take you to Chera Dwip. It is an extension to the island surrounded by coral. This lengthened island has beautiful small beaches and Keya plantations – a great place to capture some photos. The enlargement space goes underwater in high tide and is walkable otherwise.
  • There are many exciting things to happen. After a day spent walking, riding or boating or all three, you can relax with your loved ones and the moon. There’s a stony peninsula and it is called Sunset Point where you can moon-watch or stargaze. Stargazing or basking in the moonlight in Saint Martin’s Island is amazing. This night there will be no electricity on the whole island after 10 pm and so the island is left in complete darkness. This is one of the only places in Bangladesh where you can enjoy the original beauty of a starry night.
  • A never-to-miss adventure is scuba diving. You won’t enjoy much of the sea if you don’t experience this. Oceanic Scuba Dive Center is the only operational diving center on the island and is being run by ex-navy divers so it’s safe to think that you’re in good hands.
  • This place is rich for its delicious food items and never leaves a place without eating their food. On the beaches, there are a lot of hotels and restaurants where you can sample the local dishes. Here’s the best set up by Narikel Jinjira Restaurant is a barbecue dinner in the late afternoon. You can buy fresh catch from the local fishermen and have them barbecued for dinner. They always try to give the flavor and the environment with their visitors’ health in mind. They let you “dine with a view”. But my first choice is the beachside huts that will bbq fresh fish and crabs.
  • In exploring places, you must never leave without a souvenir to take home with you. Except for the photos, you can bring home different souvenirs to your loved ones left home. You can buy some dry fish at a very low price. If you want other items you can find are t-shirts, hats, sandals, shoes and many more.

What we should not do in Saint Martin Island:

  • Never fishing
  • Never hunting or disturbance of birds and wildlife
  • Never collection of wild plants
  • Never setting free of chemicals or pollution
  • Don’t make loud noises or fires
  • Never collection or purchase of corals (alive or dead), shells or sea urchins

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