The Glacier National Park – USA | Location, Hotel, Food, Place.


The Glacier National Park-USA, Location, Hotels, Foods, Places

Glacier National Park is an American national park. This park is located in northwestern Montana, on the Canada–United States border, adjacent to the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. This park surrounded more than 1 million acres (4,000 km2) and adds parts of two mountain ranges (sub-ranges of the Rocky Mountains), over 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals. This ample vast pristine is the highlight as the “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem,” a region of protected land encompassing 16,000 square miles (41,000 km2).

Come and explore Glacier’s pristine alpine meadows, forests,  spectacular lakes and rugged mountains. Accompanying more than 700 miles of trails. The glacier is a hiker’s paradise for adventurous visitors seeking wilderness and solitude. Remind the days of old through historic chalets, lodges, and the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road. Probe Glacier National Park and find what is waiting for you.

Glacier National Park Weather

The weather in Glacier National Park can be extremely unpredictable.  It can be warm and sunny in the morning and snowing by afternoon.  You never know what you’re going to get in Glacier National Park with regard to weather, so always bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions….hot weather, cold weather, rain, snow, and wind.  Dress in layers so you can easily adjust to the ever-changing weather conditions in Glacier National Park!

Glacier National Park Average Temperatures

Tempreture (Fh.) Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average Maximum 28.5 34.7 41.9 52.9 64.1 71.2 79.1 78.1 66.7 52.7 37.3 30.0
Averege Minimum 14.9 18.8 22.9 29.7 37.1 43.7 47.2 46.3 38.8 31.8 24.9 18..4
Meximum High 50.00 58.00 66.00 83.00 90.00 91.00 99.00 99.00 95.00 77.00 65.00 52
Minimum Low -32 -32 -30 3 13 24 31 26 18 -3 -29 -36

Glacier National Park Average Precipitation

Precipitation (Inc.) Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average Precipitation 3.40 23.7 1.86 1.81 2.57 3.28 1.75 1.64 2.06 2.33 3.10 33.0
Average Snow Fall 39.6 22.5 14.5 3.5 0.4 0.2 0 0 0.1 2.0 17.2 37.5

Glacier National Park Map:

Glacier National Park Airport USA

There are several airports near Glacier National Park. They are-

Glacier National Park International Airport (FCA)

It is the nearest airport to Glacier National Park. Flying into the national park can be tricky. Luckily Glacier Park International makes getting there just a little bit easier. Shuttles and rental cars are your only means of transportation from the airport.

Lethbridge Airport (YQL)

Canadian visitors have a great alternative. Located across the border, Lethbridge Airport is a great alternative airport for adventure enthusiasts, but just be prepared for a journey.

Missoula International Airport (MSO)

Missoula International Airport is a great American alternative. It is three hours away from the heart of Glacier National Park, Missoula International offers a scenic drive as you travel to your destination.

Airline     United Airlines Flight No     5330 From     Chicago – ORD Time     11:56am 1C On time
United Airlines 5355 Denver 11:56am 1C On time
Alaska Airlines 2074 Seattle 12:25pm 1A On time
Delta Air Lines 3914 Salt Lake City 1:02pm 03 On time
Delta Air Lines 2548 Minneapolis 1:35pm 02 On time

Where to Stay  in Glacier National Park USA:

Glacier National Park Hotels Near:

  • Holiday Inn Express Kalispell
    Location: 275 Treeline Rd,  Kalispell, MT 59901-120
  • 4La Quinta Inn & Suites Kalispell
    Location: 255 Montclair Dr | Kalispell, MT 59901-3229
  • Red Lion Hotel Kalispell
    Location: 20 N Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901-4080
  • Waterton Glacier Suites
    Location: 107 Windflower Ave, Park, AB T0K 2M0
  • Comfort Inn Big Sky
    Location: 1330 US Highway 2 West | Kalispell, MT 59901-162
  • Chalet Motel Whitefish
    Location: 6430 Hwy 93 South, MT 59937Hibernation House
    Location: 3812 Big Mountain Rd, Whitefish, MT 59937-8624
  • Motel 6 – Kalispell
    Location: 1540 US 93 S, Kalispell, MT 59901
  • Whitefish Mountain Resort
    Location:  3889 Big Mountain Rd, Whitefish, MT 59937
  • USAMeadow Lake Resort
    Location: 100 St Andrews Dr, Columbia Falls, MT 59912
  • USASwiftcurrent Motor Inn
    Location: Glacier National Park, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, USA.

East Glacier Hotels:

  • Many Glacier Hotel Glacier National Park 
    Location: 36 Many Glacier Hotel Loop, Babb, MT, 59411, USA.
  • The Firebrand Hotel
    Location: 650 3rd St E, Whitefish, MT 59937-2669
  • Hilton Garden Inn Kalispell
    Location: 1840 Us Highway 93 S, MT 59901
  • Morning Eagle
    Location: 3893 Big Mountain Road, Whitefish, MT 59937-8624
  • Morning Eagle
    Location: 3893 Big Mountain Road, Whitefish, MT 59937-8624
  • Hampton Inn Kalispell
    Location: 1140 Highway 2 W, MT 59901.

Glacier National Park Lodging:

  • The Lodge at Whitefish Lake
    Location: 1380 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937-3338.
  • Grouse Mountain Lodge
    Location: 2 Fairway Dr, Whitefish, MT 59937-3199
  • Kintla Lodge
    Location: 3889 Big Mountain Rd. Whitefish, MT 59937.
  • Western Rocky Mountain
    Location: 6510 Highway, 93 South, Whitefish, MT 59937.
  • Big Mountain Lodge
    Location: 6390 Hwy 93 South, Whitefish, MT 59937-8235.
  • Econo Lodge Inn & Suites
    Location: 1680 Highway 93 South, Kalispell, MT 59901-5725.
  • Travelodge Kalispell
    Location: 350 N Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901-3947.
  • Lake McDonald Lodge
    Location: The-Sun Road Lake McDonald Lodge Loop, MT 59936, Glacier National Park, MT 59936.

Lodging Near Glacier National Park West Entrance:

  • Glacier Guides Lodge
    Location: 120 Highline Blvd, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA
  • Belton Chalet
    Location: 12575 US-2, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Apgar Village Lodge
    Location: Lake View Dr, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Silverwolf Log Chalets Resort
    Location: 160 Gladys Glen Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • West Glacier Village
    Location: 250 Going-to-the-Sun Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • The Great Bear Inn
    Location: 5672 Blankenship Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Lake McDonald Lodge
    Location: 288 Lake Mcdonald Lodge Loop, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Great Northern Resort
    Location: 12127 US-2, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Cedar Creek Lodge
    Location: 930 2nd Ave W, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, USA.
  • Glacier Basecamp Lodge
    Location: 7285 Hwy 2 E, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, USA.

Glacier National Park Cabins:

  • Brownstone Cabin
    Located on the Abbott Valley Homestead.
  •  Abbott Valley Quinton
    Located on North Abbott Creek on the edge of a meadow.

Glacier National Park Cabins Pet-Friendly:

  • San-Suz Ed RV Park & Campground
  • West Glacier KOA
  • Lake Five Resort
  • Glacier General Store and Cabins.

Glacier National Park Camping:

  • Swan Lake Camping
  • Glacier National Park Campgrounds
  • Two Medicine Campground

Glacier National Park Restaurants:

Russell’s Fireside Dining Room- Location: Going-To-The-Sun Road Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park, MT 59936.

  • Lucke’s Lounge
    Location: 288 Lake Mcdonald Lodge Loop Road Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park, MT 59936.
  • Glacier Village Restaurant
    Location: 304-308 Highway 2 East, Glacier National Park, MT 59434
  • Eddies Cafe & Gifts
    Location: Apgar Village, 236 Apgar Loop, West Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT 59936
  • Belton Grill Dining Room & Tap Room
    Location: 12575 US-2, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA
  • Jammer Joes Grill and Pizzaria
    Location: West Glacier, MT 59936, USA
  • Serranos Mexican Restaurant
    Location: 29 Dawson Ave, East Glacier Park,  Backpacker’s Inn, MT
  • Ptarmigan Dining Room
    Location: Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, MT.
  • Nell’s- Location
    Many Glacier Valley, Glacier National Park, MT.
  • Two Dog Flats Grill at Rising Sun Motor
    Location: 1380 Wisconsin Ave, East Entrance Of The Park, Glacier National Park, MT.59434, USA.
  • Sunflower Cafe & Catering
    Location: 12070 US-2, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Two Medicine Grill
    Location: 314 US-2, East Glacier Park, MT 59434, USA.
  • The Trap Line Cafe & Grill
    Location: 10045 Hwy 2 E, Coram, MT 59913, USA.
  • Carolyn’s Cafe
    Location:  US-2, Hungry Horse, MT 59919, USA.
  • Elkhorn Grill
    Location: 105 Hungry Horse Blvd, Hungry Horse, MT 59919, USA.
  • Rising Sun Motor Inn
    Location: Going-to-the-Sun Road, East Glacier Park, Glacier National Park, MT 59434, USA.
  • Lake McDonald Lodge
    Location:  288 Lake Mcdonald Lodge Loop, West Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT 59936, USA.
  • Firebrand Food & Ale
    Location: 20629 US-2, East Glacier Park, MT 59434, USA.
  • West Glacier Restaurant
    Location: 190 Going-to-the-Sun Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA.
  • Whitefish Restaurants
    Location: 1200 U.S. 93 N, Whitefish, MT 59937, USA.

Glacier National Park Tours Facts:

  • Jammers’ are the transportation of choice
  • The park is home to 26 glaciers, but that number is shrinking
  • Going-to-the-sun road is an award winner
  • The park is a water lover’s delight
  • Mountain goat is a symbol of the park
  • More than 350 historic structures abound like chalets, hotels, visitor centers, barracks, and more, all of which appear on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Plants and animals are plentiful with 71 species of mammals, 276 species of birds and 1,990 total species of plants
  • There is in a total of 175 mountains in Glacier National Park and the tallest is Mt. Cleveland at 10,448 feet
  • The train takes you to the park’s doorstep
  • The Things to Do in The Glacier National Park

Hike the Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park:

The Trail of the Cedars is a perfect thing to do in Glacier National Park with kids. Here are so many great hiking trails in Glacier (there are over 700 miles of trails!) and this is a great trail to start with. It is very favorite and the trail itself is wide and well-marked so you won’t get lost. It is also short so gives you a chance to warm yourself up for a couple of longer hikes. Believe me when I say even if you have never hiked a day in your life you will be totally fine on this trail.

The Trail of the Cedars is a great hike to do in Glacier National Park with kids. The trail has one of the most beautiful waterfalls we saw at Glacier on it and it is so easy to access that anyone can see it! The trail is also wheelchair accessible and you could bring a stroller on it as well

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park:

In Glacier, I was unexpecting to spend any time on a beach. But one of our favorite things is ended up to do in Glacier National Park. There are multiple pull-offs by Lake McDonald, don’t look for a sign saying beach this way because there isn’t one, instead just pull off on the side of the road and take the short walk down the hill to the beach.

The beach is not impure pure white sand, but it is good enough that you can sit there comfortably. The water is cold but depending on how warm it is you can totally jump in to go for a swim or float on an inner tube. I wish we would have had a paddleboard or kayak to take out – next time!

Drive the Going To The Sun Road:

The drive is a bit stressful since the road is small and you are right on the edge of the rocky mountains, but it is also beautiful! There are multiple pullouts where you can stop to take pictures. There is a Weeping Wall where a waterfall spattering down onto the road and multiple other waterfalls that cascade down the mountain top. There were still small piles of snow on the mountainside and it was August.

There are many great stopping points along “The Going To The Sun Road”, I can’t even begin to list them. My best advice is to take your time and stop as often as you can!

The road reached its highest destination at Logan Pass Visitor Center (the heart of the park) and continues toward the St. Mary east side entrance. In between these two popular destinations is Wild Goose Island. This is one of the most emblematic picture spots in the entire park. Absolutely stop here and get some good shots

The drive into Many Glacier

The Spot is so charming and represents picturesque views of the Many Glacier Hotel and Swiftcurrent Lake. Here has also a restaurant in the village that has great delicious food options for kids as well as a convenience store that has vanilla or huckleberry ice cream. Have a great treat if you’ve been on the move all day!

We endorse doing the fun and adventurous waterfall hike to Apikuni Falls. It’s not a long hike at 2 miles roundtrip but does have some elevation gain. The isolated waterfall at the end makes it all worth it and there’s even a small pool for the kids to splash around in. If you can get out for hiking it actually it is one of the best things to do in Glacier National Park.

Here have enough other hiking and wildlife spotting activities to do in Many Glacier. If you want you can even make the long trek out to Grinnell Glacier to see an active glacier. There is also a single option to take a boat for most of the hike – if you are thinking a 7-mile hike won’t work out well for your family.

Apgar Nature Center in Glacier National Park:

Apgar Nature Center is housed in a small log cabin that was built in 1929. The cabin was part of the Greenwalt Hotel complex and was one of many cabins available for rent until 1956 when the National Park Service bought the land and facilities. For many years, the cabin was used as seasonal employee housing. Now it is a great spot to learn about nature, as well as a little park history.

The Apgar Nature Center is nestled amongst the cedar trees in Apgar Village. The nature center is staffed by park volunteers, and open daily from 10 am to 4 pm, mid-June to late August.

Visitors can uncover what makes Glacier National Park special through a variety of hands-on, interactive activities and displays. At the nature center, children can create a puppet show, identify birds by song, feel a grizzly bear’s fur, sculpt a moldable landscape, discover unique plant life, or match wildlife to their habitats on a habitat board. Although many of the activities are children-friendly, there are displays, information, and activities for all ages.

Throughout the summer, ranger-led talks and children’s programs are offered most days in the outside seating area. Join a ranger to learn more about the plants, animals, history, and geology of Glacier National Park. Check the Ranger-led Activity Schedule for specific dates and times of the program offerings.

Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park:

Trail of the Cedars is an amazing short loop hike. The Cedars begin across from the Avalanche Campground Ranger Station. The trail is a wheelchair-accessible nature trail through a mature hemlock forest. This is also the beginning of the Avalanche Lake Trail, a 2 1/10-mile (3km) hike to the foot of Avalanche Lake, one of the most popular day-hikes in the park. Itis about 5 and 1/2 miles (9km) north of Lake McDonald Lodge, just past the Avalanche Creek Campground.

Logan Pass in Glacier National Park:

At Logan Pass, it decorated by Reynolds Mountain and Clements Mountain tower over fields of wildflowers that carpet the ground throughout the summer. The yellow glacier lilies aggressive up through the snow are quickly replaced by a variety of alpine plants adapted to this harsh, but infamously beautiful habitat. It provides mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and the occasional grizzly bear lumbering through the meadows offer spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities.

This is the highest elevation (6646ft/2025m) reachable by car in the park. It is greatly popular with visitors and the parking lot is generally full between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Regard visiting this destination by using the free shuttles to avoid limited parking, or plan to visit early or late in the day if possible. The scenic early morning shine on the mountains provides superior photographs and the chances to see wildlife are greater before the crowds arrive. Hiking two of the area’s most popular trails, the Hidden Lake trail and the Highline trail, is the perfect way to build an appetite for a late supper back at camp or your hotel.

Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the world’s first International Peace Park which is jointly created with Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, and Glacier National Park. Located on the border between the USA & Canada and providing outstanding scenery, the park is unusually rich in plant and mammal species as well as prairie, forest, and alpine and glacial features.

This Park has a unique climate, physiographic setting, mountain-prairie interface and tri-ocean hydrographical divide. This spot is an area of significant scenic values with abundant and diverse flora and fauna.

The parks were originally entitled by their specific nations because of their magnificent mountain landscape, their high topographic relief, glacial landforms and plentiful diversity of wildlife and wildflowers.

Camping in Glacier National Park:

Camping in the park is charming as it cuts on commute time to the adventures in the park. The Glacier campgrounds are pretty limited when it comes to accommodating big rigs or having hookups.

The national historic park was established in 1910 and is definitely at the top of our list of places we have been in North America and we highly recommend it to everyone. It will give you and your family a whole different appreciation for the beauty of this earth that we live on plus you can see active glaciers.

Red Tour Bus in Glacier National Park:

If you don’t want to drive yourself or prefers to go on tours you can also do the Red Tour Bus. I believe that it’s a 3-hour drive and takes you all over the park making a few stops to get out to take in the view or take pictures. If you are interested you can learn more about it here.

Both of the times we saw bears was when we drove by the Rising Sun campground area in the field on the side of the road around 7 pm – or later in the day. In the past, it was a Mama bear with cubs!

There is obviously no guarantee you are going to see any. But this seemed like one of the places where your chances were higher. Seeing a grizzly bear or any bear car is an amazing experience!

Bighorn Sheep

By Logans Pass, you can see the bighorn sheep in the dark. They come out at night.  You can see them  multiple times when you will be driving to Logan Pass and on one of the trails right across the street from Logan Pass.

Glacier National Park Hikes:

Here we gather the best hikes in Glacier National Park Tours-

  • Ptarmigan Tunnel Glacier National Park
  • Grinnell Glacier Glacier National Park
  • Highline Trail Glacier National Park
  • Iceberg Lake Glacier National Park
  • Swiftcurrent Creek and the Lakes
  • St Mary and Virginia Falls
  • Hidden Lake Overlook
  • Swiftcurrent Pass
  • Piegan Pass
  • Scenic Point                

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